Freedom of Information

 Right to Access

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives every person the right to seek access to documents held by Government agencies and local and public authorities, that are not publicly available. A document can be any record, part of record and any copy, reproduction or duplicate of a record. This includes letters, emails, maps, plans, photographs, tape recordings, films, video tapes and/or electronically-stored information as well as files, notes and any form of paper document.

Along with enabling the public to understand how government and its agencies operate, the FOI Act also enables people to obtain and seek amendment to their personal information if they feel what is held on the public record is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading. Personal information is defined in the FOI Act to include details such as a name, address, telephone number, medical information, financial information and marital status.

Information that is exempted from public access under the FOI Act includes personal information about another person, information provided in confidence, legal advice, matters revealing the deliberative processes of Government and business information of commercial value. A comprehensive list of exemptions is available in Schedule 1 – Exempt Matter of the FOI Act.

It is the aim of the Department of the Registrar to make information available and at the least possible cost. Therefore, whenever possible, documents will be provided outside the FOI process.

If you are thinking of lodging an FOI application, please contact the Department before doing so. The information you are seeking may be available without the need to seek access through an FOI application.

Freedom of Information Statement

The FOI Act requires the Department to maintain and publish an Information Statement. The Information Statement provides information about the Department and how to access documents held by the Department. The Department’s Freedom of Information Statement 2021 is available here.

Freedom of Information Applications

 An application made under the FOI Act for access to documents, amendment or personal information or review of a decision must:

The applicable fees for lodging a FOI Application with the Department are as follows:

Please refer to the Department’s Freedom of Information Statement for a comprehensive list of all other applicable fees and charges associated with FOI applications.

Contact Details

FOI Coordinator
Department of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
17th Floor
111 St Georges Terrace
PERTH WA  6000
Phone: (08) 9420 4444
Fax:     (08) 9420 4500
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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