About Us

The Department of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the Department) was created in 1989 and is a Department of the Western Australian Public Service established under the Public Sector Management Act 1984

The Department’s primary purpose is to provide administrative support and infrastructure to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the Commission). 

The primary responsibility of the Department is to provide administrative support and infrastructure to the Commission, a quasi-judicial tribunal established under the Industrial Relations Act 1979, which is independent of government.  The function of the Commission is to deal with industrial matters in the State of Western Australia by conciliation or, if necessary, arbitration.  The main objectives of the Commission are to prevent and settle industrial disputes. 

The Department’s structure as a result of its core business of supporting the operations of the Commission in the proper performance of its functions falls into two areas:

* Commission Services

* Corporate Services

The Department’s Commission Services provides the registry and support services for processing applications and documentation for matters before the Commission, Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court and the Industrial Magistrates Court of Western Australia.  Commission Services also undertakes other statutory functions in its support of the Commission including the publication of the Western Australian Industrial Gazette (WAIG), maintenance of State awards and agreements and activities in relation to registered union and employer organisations. 

Corporate Services provides the administrative and corporate support to the Commission and the Department, including corporate administration, budget, finance, human resources, information technology and library services.

Our Purpose

To support the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission to provide our community with a means of preventing and resolving conflict in respect to industrial matters.

Our Vision

A professional, innovative organisation continually striving to provide the Western Australian community with a better service.

Our Values

* Excellence in Customer Service
   We provide a professional, effective and timely service to internal and external customers.

* Innovation & Continuous Improvement
   We are willing to listen and implement new ideas to do things better.

* Accountability and Integrity
   We are honest, open and accountable for our decisions and actions.

* Respect and Inclusiveness
   We believe in the equity of all people and treat everyone accordingly. We value diversity and respect others.

* Co-operation and Team Spirit
   We collaborate and work together to achieve organisational and personal outcomes.