Public Interest Disclosure

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003, any person can make disclosure if he or she believes something is wrong with the way a public authority, public officer or public sector contractor is acting, has acted or may be going to act, which is of public interest.

This might involve:

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 outlines what may be disclosed, whom it must be disclosed to, and also provides for the protection of people who make a public interest disclosure (PID), as well as those who may be subject of a PID.

A PID must always be in the public interest to report it. It does not apply to information that someone has, or is, engaging in criminal behaviour unconnected to their employment.

The Department recommends you seek advice before making a PID.

For Further Information

The contact details of the PID Officer are as follows:

Kendra Hagan
Department of the Registrar
Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Level 17, 111 St Georges Terrace

Phone: 08 9420 4491
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Public Sector Commission also provides information for people thinking of making a disclosure and to assist public authorities in complying with their obligations under the Act. You can contact the Public Sector Commission’s PID advice and referral line on (08) 6552 8888. 

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 can be accessed at


Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement Form

Guide for disclosers - Don't be afraid to speak up