The Department provides the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the Commission) and the Industrial Magistrates Court of Western Australia (IMC) with the physical and virtual infrastructure, human resource functions, administrative and financial resources, integral to perform their roles.   The Commission’s other jurisdictions of the Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal, the Road Freight Transport Industry Tribunal and other constituent authorities are supported likewise.  The Department also provides the administrative support necessary for the lodgement of appeals to the Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court (IAC).


In terms of broader industrial regime accountabilities, the Department provides the infrastructure, administration, advice and support services that enable the general community, unions, employer associations and government agencies, to make applications that form part of the Registrar’s accountabilities and those of the Commission, IMC and IAC.


All interactions with the Department are triaged into work streams, including the Commission, IMC, IAC, Registrar’s accountabilities, Industrial Agent assessment, Registered Organisations monitoring and compliance, and knowledge management.  Such triaging includes the provision of significant knowledge based procedural advice and information necessary to ensure access to the various jurisdictions given the individual context of each interaction.


The Department is also responsible for the administration of the IR Act obligations placed on employer and employee representative organisations.


Administered Legislation

The Department administers the operation of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) on behalf of the Minister.


Other Key Legislation Impacting on the Department’s Activities

In the performance of its functions, the Department complies with the following relevant written laws:



Enabling Legislation


The Department was established in 1989 pursuant to section 35 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (WA).


Responsible Minister

The Honourable Stephen Dawson MLC, Minister for Mental Health; Aboriginal Affairs; Industrial Relations.


Mission Statement


Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer for the Department is Ms Susan Bastian.  As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Bastian is also the Accountable Authority. Traditionally, the CEO has also been appointed as the Registrar of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission and therefore Ms Bastian holds the dual position of CEO and Registrar.


Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission is an independent statutory tribunal and is separately accountable to Parliament via an annual report compiled by the Chief Commissioner.

This website only deals with The Department of the Registrar in its capacity as a government agency, which reports directly through the Minister for Industrial Relations. The Department follows the guidelines and policies administered by the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and instructions by the Public Sector Commissioner. Click here to access the WAIRC website.